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Back-to-Essence Community

  • Akilah Ffriend - Strategic Partnerships & Business Management - Apple

    Akilah is a 20-something media businesswoman and entertainment host living in Los Angeles by way of NYC. With Jamaican roots and an eclectic upbringing, she is passionate about inspiring the underrepresented to build the lives they'll love. A recent MBA graduate from Columbia Business School, when she's not obsessing over all things media (read TV & Film), lifestyle, and fashion, you can find her mixing up cocktails or being plain mixxy with friends. 
  • Claudia Verdes - Product Manager - Glossier

    Claudia was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. She grew up in a family of passionate travelers and was encouraged to explore the world at an early age, which led her to spend some time in the UK and US during high school.  She studied chemistry in Pamplona (northern Spain) and lived in Ecuador for 2 years before moving to NYC for her MBA at Columbia Business School. She has fell in love with the city since the day she arrived!

    Claudia recently became a puppy mom and Mimi fills up all her free time now! When Mimi is asleep or distracted, you will find Claudia sipping wine and eating manchego cheese with her boyfriend Scott ;)