10% of all order proceeds are donated to NAMI🌷



We believe in intentions here at Silk Essence. Everything on our site is created with the intention of spreading the message of self-awareness and acceptance - anything that harnesses and allows your essence to blossom - so you can be better equipped to bring your unique light into the world. 10% of all order proceeds are donated to our charity of the month as we navigate through all things happening around us together.


Silk Essence was born with the mission of making 100% silk garments accessible - with an approachable price tag and thoughtful design, without compromising the essence of everyday luxury. While making our products, we embrace the nature of raw silk, cut the design following the fabric's natural angle and only use natural color dyes. We encourage you to be the same when wearing our pieces - embrace what makes you you, and never look back.


Our silk is 25 mm ethically sourced mulberry silk. The higher the mm ('momma' - measurement unit of silk weight), the more luxurious and durable the silk is. Our silk belongs to the charmeuse family, which gives our pieces natural shine, flattering drape and endurance to withhold many years. 


*Female Founder Collective member

Angelina grew up in Beijing, educated in Madrid and moved to NYC in 2017 to pursue her MBA at Columbia Business School. Having lived across the globe with distinct cultures as backdrops, she wanted to create a brand that embodies where her roots are and with a mission, so she can spread the message in exchange of products that people cherish. Growing up strolling around the silk market with her mother in Beijing but having the hardest time finding the perfect silk dress that she could justify the high price tag since she left home, she decided to make her own. Along with her brother Michael, Silk Essence was brought to life in Summer 2020.