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Care for Your Silk

With silk, it's always a long term relationship. Whether you are purchasing your first 100% silk garment from us or this is your 100th, we want to make sure we are doing this right together.


The optimal way is dry cleaning, but let’s be real, we mostly hand wash ours. All you need is cold water, gentle detergent, agitate the garment in water for a few minutes and voia! If you insist, you can also machine wash our pieces, but ‘hand wash’ or ‘delicate’ mode only please. Lastly, due to the nature of silk and the natural dye we use, be sure to not mix your silk garments with lighter color items while cleaning in case of color transferring.


Air dry and avoid direct sunlight so the fibers in silk do not get damaged.


Steamer is the way to go when it comes to silk. If you choose to use an iron, switch it on low heat and turn the garment inside out to ensure the natural shine of the fabric remains intact.